ZiKiT combines a DICOM® Archive (PACS), A Modality Worklist Server and an HL7® Message Broker, all sharing the same database and communicating with each other.

Latest version – ZiKiT 2020

  ZiKiT provides dynamic mapping rules and message structure definitions while keeping compliance and adhering to the standards. The kit injects simplicity and flexibility into Healthcare IT and EMR Integration by enabling non-programmers to set-up and maintain the PACS and the RIS complex workflow procedures in multi-vendor environment.

Main Features

DICOM Services

  • Archive (PACS)
  •     Storage SCP
  •     Query/Retrieve SCP
  • Workflow
  •     Modality Worklist SCP (DMWL/MWL)
  •     Modality Performed Procedure Step SCP (MPPS)

HL7 Services

  • HL7 Message Broker
  • Send and receive HL7 Messages
  • Drag & Drop Dynamic Mapping Rules and protocol definitions
  • HL7v2, HL7v2XML

Supported Database Engines

  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • SQLite

Network Protocols

  • Secure DICOM (TLS 1.2)
  • Secure HL7 MLLP over TCP/IP
  • Shared Network Folders

Database Support

Supported databases: MS-SQL Server/MySQL/SQlite

ZiKiT now comes out of the box pre-configured for SQLite. This allows you to experience the kit with zero configuration. Additionally it enables you to use the kit on small medical devices that doesn’t require a full scale database engine. For full scale deployment we recommend MS-SQL Server. The kit fully supports MySQL as well.

Dynamic HL7 Interface Design Tools

ZiKiT Mapper uses drag and drop to design your interfaces. You can design your interfaces simply by dragging and dropping from the message structure. When designing outbound messages you can see the generated HL7 messages while editing the rules using the interactive preview.

DICOM Mapping

ZiKiT comes with a powerful full featured PACS Server that includes Storage, Query/Retrieve and Worklist Management. But beyond standard DICOM functionality, the kit brings a powerful DICOM Mapping Tool that allows you to extend the functionality of the DICOM server and easily extract data from DICOM files into your custom database schemas.


Product Documentation

ZiKiT Brochure | User Manual | Release Notes


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