HL7Kit 2018

HL7Kit 2018 is here! We are proud to bring you the new release of our Healthcare IT integration engine.

HL7Kit 2018 Logo

HL7Kit’s 2018 encapsulates many improvements, tricks and know hows that were collected through intensive

work with our customers. Every new EMR integration taught us something new and we’ve coded all these lessons into this product.

Here are some of the new features and improvements in HL7Kit 2018

Database support

HL7Kit now starts from the box with an internal SQLite database. This allows you to start experiencing the kit with no need for configuration. Additionally it enables you to use the kit on small medical devices that doesn’t require a full scale database engine. In addition HL7Kit supports MS SQL and MySQL database engines.

Improved HL7 Interface Design Tools and UI/UX

HL7Kit Mapper Screenshot
HL7Kit Mapper. Use drag and drop to design your interface

You will instantly notice the new graphic design of the GUI and new icons. But behind the new colors there are also new functionality. You can now attach HL7 messages to the mapping rules and work with them in the mapper while designing your  HL7 interfaces. When designing outbound messages you can see the generated HL7 messages while editing the rules using the interactive preview of outbound messages feature. You can also add comments to every rule to help you document your interfaces.

DICOM Mapping

HL7Kit comes with a powerful full featured PACS Server that includes Storage, Query Retrieve, Worklist Management. But beyond standard DICOM functionality, the kit brings a powerful DICOM Mapping Tool that allows you to extend the functionality of the DICOM server and easily extract data from DICOM files into your custom database schema.

HL7Kit Major Features

  • HL7 Server – Send and Receive HL7 messages
  • PACS Server – Storage SCP, Q/R SCP, Modality Worklist SCP, MPPS SCP, Storage Commitment, DICOM Mapping
  • No programming!!! All the work is done using drag and drop mapping tool

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